Washing machines and dishwashers

The service center performs installation, maintenance, warranty and post-warranty repairs of washing machines and dishwashers from foreign manufacturers of household appliances.

We have been repairing household appliances of any complexity for 15 years.

Affordable prices, high quality service and an individual approach to each client – this is the main principle of our work, the guarantee of the reliability and durability of your washing machine. We value our customers and are constantly working to improve the quality of service.

You can apply for the installation, maintenance or repair of your washing machine or dishwasher in our service center.


Type of work
1Fault identification, diagnostics
2Calling the master in the city (transport, fault detection)
3Calling the foreman outside the city (transport, fault detection)
4Repair of I category of complexity (minor repairs, repairs without disassembling the washing machine)
5Repair of the II category of complexity (replacement of a pump, engine, heating element, repair of an electrical wiring diagram, etc.)
6Repair of the III category of complexity
– replacement of the hatch cuff, product body
– tank assembly
7Repair of the electronic module, etc.
8Repair of the IV category of complexity (disassembly for repair of the washing unit – replacement of bearings and oil seals, product body)
 Replacing the spider on the drum
 In case of refusal to repair, the client pays for disassembly for diagnostics
9Removing a foreign object:
 – without disassembling units
 – with disassembly of units
 – with disassembly of the tank


  1. For the performance of work on holidays (weekends) and after 17.00, an additional payment of 25% is charged.
  2. Transport costs are paid by the Customer according to the price list of the service center.
  3. In case of refusal to repair, the client pays for the diagnostics of the SM.
  4. The cost of spare parts and parts is determined in accordance with the catalog of the manufacturer.
  5. Delivery of branded spare parts and parts from one month.
  6. For SM compact version (for example: Candy Energa 735, Candy Holiday 161) the coefficient to the cost of repair is 2.
Mn-Fr 08:00 - 17:00
St 09:00 - 13:00

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